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Heavy Containment (HCZ) is the game’s most hostile and dangerous core sector and contains most of Site 76’s highthreat and a few mediumthreat anomalies The HCZ only has two access points One through the large elevator in the middle of Light Containment and another through the personnel elevators near LCZ and the Mobile Task Force Armory A Level 3 Keycard is needed.

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Alpha 67“ok go with caution” *more shoots it would be like of an glock 17* Overwatch”ok alpha67 i found 3 class d armed in your front watch out there is researchercuff them for interrogation” Alpha 67“copyok boys get ready” *everyone was with guns ready to shoot* Alpha 67“phoenix 16 throw a flashbang” Phoenix 16″copy throwing flashbang”.

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The Containment Area is found behind the Main EntranceIt is the first location of the game to have automatic passageways without having to press buttons This means anyone including Killers can enter It is currently in the Test Servers and as of 3 October 2020 blocked off from the public possibly for updating the area it was then eventually removed.

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