How To Become A Roblox Moderator

By | February 13, 2022

How To Become A Roblox Moderator. The answer is no Roblox wouldn’t allow any young teenagers to work in Roblox moderation There is no way you would have the privilege to work at the age of 14 You must be at least 18 years old (or higher) to be a moderator in Roblox.

Become A Moderator Of Roblox Ban Everyone All The Things Meme Generator how to become a roblox moderator
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If you call Roblox when you aren’t known to them or your name isn’t familiar to them they will never answer But if you make a game that many people play and you earn Robux from it call Roblox and if they answer request an application to become a Moderator.

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Description ????Congrats! You’ve passed your MOD Certification Quiz and you’re ready to join our moderation team We look forward to working with you! ???? ⚠️This badge is achieved after passing our Moderation Applications and Certification Quiz To become a Moderator please visit our communications server to view the requirements.

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To become a moderator you must be 16+ (18+ in other countries) and get a job from ROBLOX inc.

Become A Moderator Of Roblox Ban Everyone All The Things Meme Generator

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Most communities will use a “trial moderator” process where several people apply to become a moderator and are trained over time Experience is important for jobs like this considering they will need to analyze and react to different situations accordingly.

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