How To Change A Value On The Leaderboard Roblox

By | February 13, 2022

How To Change A Value On The Leaderboard Roblox. While variables are normally changed using = as in myNumber = 10 an IntValue is changed using its Value property like myIntValueValue = 10 Type goldParent = leaderstats This parents the IntValue for gold to leaderstats .

How To Make An Admin Command That Change Leaderboard Stats Scripting Helpers how to change a value on the leaderboard roblox
How To Make An Admin Command That Change Leaderboard Stats Scripting Helpers from

plrEntered = function(plr) local ls = Instancenew(‘IntValue’) Leaderstats lsParent = plr lsValue = 0 lsName = ‘leaderstats’ local stat = Instancenew(‘IntValue’) statName = ‘Money’ Change to the value you want statValue = 0 Add the starting value end gameGetService’Players’PlayerAdded(plrEntered)Code samplefunction Onplayerentered(player)local leaderstats = Instancenew(“IntValue”)leaderstatsParent = playerleaderstatsValue = 0leaderstatsName = “leaderstats”Was this helpful?Thanks! .

How do I change a value in the leaderstats via touching a

So what we want to do is go ahead and create a leaderstats folder and create a value an instancenew value for our clicks so you can change the you knowthe value of to anything you want You can do like rebirth kills anything you want but for me I want to get the amount of clicks So inside of my script inside of click detector I want to update.

How To Make A Leaderboard In Roblox CrookCounty

To update a player’s leaderboard stat simply change the Value property of that stat within their leaderstats folder For example the following Script can be attached to any pickup object to increase the Gold stat of whichever player collects it.

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Your number one source for statistics and information about the Roblox collectible economy A speedrun is a playthrough of a video game—either in its entirety or respecting a select Other speedruns exploit programming mistakes or glitchesRebalanced some Car Mastery tables to remove exploit loopsafter the weekly season change ‘Weekly Challenges Completed’ stat was.

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