How To Make A Spining Part Roblox

By | November 10, 2021

How To Make A Spining Part Roblox. Jan 07 2022 roblox studio tutorial spinning parts (ontouched onclicked) ontouched requirements part script function ontouch() while wait() do scriptparentcframe = scriptparentcframe * cframe hello guys i hope this video is helpful you can use .

How To Rotate Objects On An Axis In Roblox 6 Steps how to make a spining part roblox
How To Rotate Objects On An Axis In Roblox 6 Steps from

While this script uses a normal Part to change color it’s also possible to use this on MeshParts with an applied texture MeshParts are often imported 3D models rather than parts build directly in Roblox Studio If you are working with MeshParts we advise the following Use a SpecialMesh instead of a MeshPart This is because a MeshPart.

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Hey! In this video I’ll be showing you how to make a spinning part!Also if you haven’t yet please like subscribe and turn on notifications so you never.

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Lua answers related to “how to make a part rotate roblox” roblox studio rotate part script В how to make an object spin roblox In order to do so you have to look at the tabs on the top of studio’s screen go to model and there should be an option near the middle that lets you To rotate a model by script in roblox studio is.

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Part 3 Robux Spin Picker for Help Make Your decision Random Picker is an ultimate decision in Roblox Game Like Which game to play? or the Roblox Promo code you will choose? Make your decisions in a fun way! # Disclaimer This app makes use of the name logo and information provided by the application following the guidelines indicated in.

How To Rotate Objects On An Axis In Roblox 6 Steps

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