Is There A Way To Get A Refund On Roblox

By | October 8, 2021

Is There A Way To Get A Refund On Roblox. If the game pass does not work ROBLOX will refund you if you contact them (and they read it) within 3 days You could probably make up a white lie for.

Can You Get A Refund On Items That Don T Appear Anymore Roblox is there a way to get a refund on roblox
Can You Get A Refund On Items That Don T Appear Anymore Roblox from

Bad news there is currently no official statement from the Roblox Corporation announcing plans to add refunds to the game It seems that rumours of a refund feature started on TikTok and have.

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In Roblox it is very difficult to Refund the Game Pass but there are several ways The first and most working way is Roblox’s product page It is one of the only ways to legitimately refund a game pass After you have bought the item you wish to return you can rightclick on the image and select refund.

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In short there is no way (technically) to get your paid items that have been deleted either by you or not refunded in Roblox It’s the game developer’s official policy that refunds for Robux (which is the blocky games’ virtual currency) are impossible.

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Contacting Roblox via the support form is the best way to get an item refund However you need to explicitly state that you’ve bought the item by accident Otherwise Roblox may not give you a refund Once you’ve submitted the support form you need to wait for 24 hours for Roblox to respond to you.

Can You Get A Refund On Items That Don T Appear Anymore Roblox

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Here is exactly How To Refund Items on Roblox in 2021! Figuring out how to refund items on Roblox without any help can be tricky That’s why we’ve made this.

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