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Level.value Roblox Studio. I made level system in roblox studio script seems to be ok but instead of leveling up after xp hits max it just continues going what should i do? Ask Question Asked 9 months ago Active 9 months ago Viewed 324 times 0 so script is supposed to be work.

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In onPlayerJoin create a variable named leaderstats and have it create a new Folder Instance Naming the folder leaderstats lets Roblox Studio know to create a leaderboard local function onPlayerJoin(player) local leaderstats = Instancenew(“Folder”) end Name the new Folder instance leaderstats and parent it to the player.

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XPScript Roblox Studio 10_27_2018 8_54_38 PM (2)png 1260×800 514 KB 1 Like Spiritual_Guardian (Spiritual_Guardian) October 28 2018 151am.

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Yeah I forgot to put Value Even after putting those it wouldn’t work local MaxLevel = 15 gamePlayersPlayerAddedConnect(function(player) while playerleaderstatLevelValue < MaxLevel do wait() if playerleaderstatXPValue > playerleaderstatsLevelValue * 49 then playerleaderstatsLevelValue = playerleaderstatsLevelValue + 1 end end end).

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lua I made level system in roblox studio, script seems to

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A simple XP system involves scripts that can do level systems for you for example there is available data and once you actually reach a certain amount of XP you gain a level This type of script requires usage of LocalScript for it to work properly The script also involves leaderstats as well along with data you are available to receive as well You might need to add the leaderstats.

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