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By | February 20, 2022

Roblox Year Changer. So I am 14 (2004) i have had roblox since early 2017 I put my birth year as 2018 Now its super hard to say things without safe chat I have emailed roblox about this and all they could do was send me an article of how to change your birthday if you were 13+ They still have not contacted me of how I could fix it since I accidentally put my birth year to 2018.

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In Roblox many players want to change their date of birth from the platform To change your birthday on Roblox you need first to understand Roblox’s policy belonging to the DOB change on the platform Roblox is stringent regarding the policies to provide safety and privacy protection for their players In this post I’ll have a complete.

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Hello guys today i’m going to be showing you how to change your birthday even if you are under 13 {Credit to Dragon Ramer for finding this out}.

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Go to account Settings Browser find the gearicon located at the upperright corner of the site Mobile Apps find the three dots icon for More Select Account Info Select the Change Display Name button (icon looks like a pencil and paper) Enter your new Display Name Click Save.

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Answer (1 of 5) Unfortunately you are unable to now For example I have an account that was set to 2013(In 2014) by a sibling who was messing around I did not notice Weeks later Roblox changes their rules and now I can not change it I’ve hadApr 09 2020.

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