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“Reach the top of the tower” —Ingame Description 20 Floors (also known as Zombie Tower) is a chapter that was created for the Halloween Event 2020 Originally made by the user Nooooooo it is a faithful remaster of the old game that has players climb up the tower’s 20 floors in order to beat the boss at the top During Halloween EventGeneral OverviewEnemiesThe chapter starts with a cinematic cutscene of the players approaching the tower’s entrance with no where else to go the players proceed to enter the tower Each floor contains waves of enemies each having their own health and speeds The group must defeat any zombies that ar Text under.

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Zombie Stories is a FirstPerson Shooter developed on Roblox by PANDEMIC a group that also made the game’s predecessor Zombie Blitz You play as four classes and either take on the zombies alone or work together in a group of up to 6 Aside from the story there are also other game modes available Training Learn the basics of the game here and test your skills to see.

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2014 Zombie stories is goddamn amazing 1 level 1 2y Makes bad animations Reason 2 die Awakening some advice for the game DONT BUY THE M93R OR THE SKORPION PLEASE CONSERVE YOUR MONEY PILLS ARE ALL YOU NEED BATTLESTATION IS A NO NO 1.

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== Introduction == The Zombie is the basic enemy unit for the Halloween Event Its average speed and 25 health are problematic for most early game units such as scouts snipers and fraggers The Reaper sends out Reaper Zombies with identical to the ordinary zombie but do to their numbers and higher health they can pose a problem without proper area of effect weapons.

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The Golden Zombie is an extremely fast zombie that was added at April Fool’s 2019 and removed shortly after on April 2nd Appearance The Golden Zombie is made of gold and has the color scheme of Boss3 but with the lack of the rustlike torso and legs It is the size of a Normal The face on this zombie uses the decal Golden Shiny Teeth All parts of its body are transparent.

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