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Those Who Remain is a wavebased survival shooter game created by Peak and publically released on December 21 2018 It includes a wide variety of weapons perks skins maps and gamemodes The objective of the game is to survive waves of Infected while looting for items to keep yourself and other players alive.

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level 1 haley 1y i used cbj from lvl 30 until i got the last three secondaries any of the three are great tho lol cjb is good B) 2 level 1 hyperYEET99 1y You should use the Deagle but I use the CBJ for now (level 54).

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Roblox의 게임 Peak [2]라는 그룹의 게임이다 출시한지는 오래되었지만 높은 그래픽과 탄탄한 게임구성으로 현재 방문자 수 370만을 달성했다 Those Who Remain 무기 전체를 통틀어서 가장 뛰어난 위력을 발휘하는 고성능 무기 중 하나 후반 무기인 만큼 성능이 이전.

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reddit Best secondary? (Level 73) : ThoseWhoRemainRBX

at the LORE REMAIN [roblox of THOSE WHO A deeper look

heres my tierlist thing for the guns in twr reddit

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