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Treasure Quest Roblox Laserbeam. Pharaoh’s Dunes Quest The Pharaoh’s Dunes quest laided out right here Go to the temple and talk to the NPC there He will explain that he needs your help to open the temple door Go to Port Jackson and go to Finn’s Supplies Shop and on top you will see a telescope peeking out You will want to go upstairs by entering Finn’s shop and truing.

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Treasure Quest is a dungeon crawler RPG Roblox experience developed by Nosniy GamesThe objective of the experence is to collect weapons or armor from dungeons to become more powerful The higher a player’s level is the more dungeons the player is able to explore .

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Roblox Treasure Quest Codes (February 2022) By Pro Game Guides Staff Updated February 1 2022 Our Roblox Treasure Quest Codes has the most uptodate list of working codes that you can redeem for a ton of experience health and luck potions You’ll also get some effects and you can get some additional bank and backpack slots!.

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Berserker Treasure Quest 3 White Pearls and 175 gp Orcs Orc Spearmen Orc Warriors Orc Berserkers Orc Leaders The orcs on Edron hoard a small treasure in their cave On the first underground floor of the cave you will only face Orcs Orc Spearmen Poison Spidersand Orc Warriors Make your way to the far south end of the floor and drop.

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Each additional player increases the amount of health that the Sand Peasants have by 25% For example if there are three players Sand Peasants will have 50% more health than normal This also applies to the Sand Giant On Easy Sand Peasants have a base of 30 HP deal 57 damage per hit and give 2 xp.

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OverviewWarrior AbilitiesAbilities are special functions that magic and melee weapons can perform Each ability has its own cooldown correspondent to how useful that skill the weaker the skill the shorter the cooldown and vice versa For most weapons abilities are random but some weapons have fixed abilities that are usually exclusive to that weapon As of Update 2 all mage abilities will deal da Text under.

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